Ojai Oaks Fallen Wood Studio is a boutique art studio located in the Ojai Valley. Local artists and woodworkers Joshua Mariani and Joshua Rood founded the studio in 2010 to showcase the beauty of the Valley of Shangri-La by reclaiming the fallen ancient oaks in and around the valley and turning them into functional works of art.

All of our pieces come from reclaimed wood – most from old trees that have fallen in the Ojai Valley, or occasionally from our partners in other communities. We believe this is the most responsible way to work with hundred+ year old trees and it's the only way we've ever done it.


Each tree, and therefore each piece of art we produce, is unique, showcasing the ageless depth and beauty of the tree that it was formed from.

Visit Our Showroom

Ojai Oaks showroom is located where Highways 33 & 150 meet in Ojai, CA. Come by to see our work in person and check out available inventory & stock.

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